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I have been a professional writer in Christchurch (Canterbury, New Zealand) since 1984-ish. From a background of agriculture broadcasting and journalism, the market moved me into freelance (in the classical sense) writing at that time.

My work has tended to have a strong bias towards agriculture ever since. By that I mean that most of my clients have been, and still are, agribusinesses. But I also have had clients in the finance, construction, risk management and various other sectors.

For some clients, I write and manage market communications projects (mainly newsletters) while others know me as a responsive, reliable and experienced complement to their own in-house or agency writing capacities. They know me as someone who can readily get his head around a tricky brief and deliver by the agreed deadline.

Over the years I have tackled all kinds of things — newsletters, booklets (yes, even a few books, especially lately), media releases, ad campaigns, speeches, brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, limericks — you name it and I have done it at some stage.

I try to be very user-friendly and I pride myself on offering an excellent service. Maybe I can help you get your words in the right order inside the right timeframe?


Dave McKinnon

N.B. I run a professional service for the business sector; while I am happy to give advice about writing and writing projects, I cannot, generally, undertake to assist private individuals to have their material published.


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